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Celebrate the Day - Anniversary of Ted Harrison's Passing

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Portrait of the artist by Freyja Zazu


Celebrate the Day might seem like a strange title for this message. In addition to being the name of one of Ted's paintings, it is the way he wanted to be remembered. On January 16, 2015, Ted passed away at his home in beautiful Victoria, BC. In April, his family, friends, and fans gathered at the University of Victoria to celebrate his accomplishments, and the person that he was.

Today we remember not only the passing of a great artist, but the attributes of a man who was a husband, a father, a mentor and a friend. Some of the things we miss most about Ted include his slow but hearty laugh, his great big loud yawns, his sharp wit, his knowledge on all things, his appetite for Guinness and clams, his love of children, and his complete and astounding modesty.

We ask that you take a moment to peruse his life's work here, or here. If you had the opportunity to know Ted Harrison, have a drink and reminisce (you can spend some time with the man himself here). If you admired his work from afar, take the time to tell someone about it, so that his memory may live on. 

To make a donation to the Ted Harrison Foundation and to learn more about it, visit this page



Celebrate the Day, by Ted Harrison