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New Product - Ted Harrison Foundation Colouring and Story Book

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Stan's Summer Adventure!

Written by longtime friend B.G. Bergh and illustrated by artist Freyja Zazu (who painted with Harrison), this new colouring book follows Stan, a charming totem owl as he collects adventures on a warm summer's day. The loose lyrical lines are highly reminiscent of Ted Harrison's own style and encourage users to question where one colour should end and another begin!

Ted Harrison passed away in 2015 but left behind his gift of seeing our World as a beautiful and colourful place. Ted formed the Ted Harrison Foundation, a registered Canadian Charity to enable children to visit that World as well. Ted wanted children to see things however they wanted. A dog could be purple or a moose pink. Ted thought that art came from one's soul, since it is not bound up by an rules. It was his opinion that art was a major force in a child's mental development and confidence. We hope that this colouring book will be a creative inspiration to many.