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Sell your Original Ted Harrison Artwork

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Since his passing in 2015, Ted Harrison’s company, Wingate Arts Ltd. (Wingate) is now owned and operated by his son Charles, along with Ted’s close friend and lawyer of 30 years, Barry Bergh (now retired). Kaitlyn Webb Patience has worked with Wingate for five years and is very familiar with Ted’s work - both serigraphs and originals. She operates the website and deals with customer inquiries and transactions.

When you sign with Wingate, we’ll do our best to advertise your work to our dedicated client list. At the 60 day mark, you’ll have the option to cancel, or re-sign for another term. As the Sales Agent, 20% of the sale price is paid to Wingate by the seller. This rate is very competitive, with most galleries and popular auction houses charging 18 - 28%. The painting remains with the seller until the payment has cleared through Wingate – at this time, a cheque is sent to the seller, and the painting is shipped to the buyer.

With a set price that you agree upon, a passionate client list, and no uncertainty of even being able to sell at an auction, Wingate offers you a serious alternative to other vendors. Sales taxes are applicable on the sale amount and are based on the buyer’s location.