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About the Process

Also known as silk screening, serigraphy involves a series of layered colours of ink which come together to create a whole print. Areas of a framed screen are marked off using a non-porous stencil. Ink is applied to the entire frame, and the spaces not covered with a stencil will allow the paint to adhere to the paper below.

In the printing of Ted Harrison’s serigraphs, this process is repeated for each colour within the image. Because many of Ted Harrison’s paintings have many colours, the degree of difficulty is heightened. Ted Harrison’s artwork translates well to the medium of serigraphy because of the areas of solid colour and clear delineations. Limiting the print edition to a run of 200 maintains the unique artisan quality.

The Collection

The Ted Harrison Serigraph Collection is made up of over 80 Limited Edition Serigraphs. The collection began over 30 years ago, in 1980, when Ted joined forces with master printer, Michael DeCourcey. Together they have produced imagery which ranges in theme and subject matter from the Yukon to the West Coast as well as producing prints for corporate commissions and non profit societies such as Artists for Kids. Each Ted Harrison limited edition serigraph is printed on 140lb Arches Aquarelle hot press 100% rag natural white paper. The paper is ph balanced and acid free to ensure it’s archival nature. The prints are printed with water based acrylic inks to produce bright, saturated and long lasting images. Due to the colorful nature of Ted’s artwork, many of the prints have over 20 color combinations, which are technically very difficult to produce. All serigraphs are titled, dated and signed by the artist.