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Artwork by Emma Barr


Below you will find our past and present artists..


Emma Barr, Whitehorse, YT

Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Print Maker
Artist's website:
Candice Tarnowski, Montreal, PQ
Chrissy Nickerson, Canmore, AB
The LLAMA Project
(Look, Listen And Make Art)
Cesar Damian, Patricia Deadman,
Maria Luisa de Villa, Haruko Okano,
Cristina Luna, Joyce Majiski
Artists from Canada and Mexico
Artists's website:
Belinda Harrow, New Zealand
Vickie Newington, Calgary, AB
Artist's website:
Kazuko Kizawa, Tokyo, Japan
Scott McGovern and
Jenn E. Norton, Guelph ON
Noni Boyle, Sault Ste. Marie ON
Artist's website:
Cathy Henderson, County Wicklow, Ireland
Artist's website:
Kevin Schmidt, Vancouver, BC
Lyndal Osborne, Edmonton AB
Installation Artist
Artist's website:
Jan Kabatoff, Canmore AB
Print making, mixed media
Ana Rewakowicz, Montreal, QB
Installation and Performance Based Artist
Shayne Ehman, AB
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Collette Farry, Victoria BC
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Eugene Alfred, Pelly Crossing, YT
Carved sculpture
Valerie Salez, Dawson City, YT
Interdisciplinary Artist using installation, sculpture,
performance art.
Jesse Mitchell, Dawson City, YT
Mixed Media Artist
Patrick Close, Regina, SK
Photographer, Painter
Veronica Verkley, Toronto, ON
Mixed media assemblage and installation artist
Kay Burns, Calgary, AB
Interdisciplinary Artist involving audio, video, electronic, installation and performance art
Artist's website:
Germaine Koh, Toronto, ON
Installation Artist using everyday space
Artist's website:
Colin Flanagan, Whitehorse, YT
Painter, Mixed Media Artist
Emma Barr, Whitehorse, YT
Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Print Maker
Artist's website:
Deryk Houston, Victoria, BC
Painter, Sculptor
Artist's website:
Janet Moore, Whitehorse, YT
Mixed Media Artist, Acrylic Painter
Artist's website:
Nicole Bauberger, Whitehorse, YT
Oil Painter, Encaustic Painter
Artist's website:
Eve Chapple, Vancouver, BC
Oil Painter, Acrylic Painter, Print Maker
Rebecca Bourgault, Calgary, AB
Installation artist, Photographer
Lillian Loponen, Keno / Whitehorse, YT
Painter, Digital Imaging
Mark Preston, Whitehorse YT, Victoria BC
Silversmith, Painter, Mixed Media Artist
Artist's website: